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When Expo City first launched, the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre was but a brilliant concept set to shape the future of Vaughan.

Today, this master-planned urban core which spreads across 442 acres of land, is taking its incredible shape. Designed to literally create an entire city within the City, the VMC upon completion will feature 1.5 million square feet of office space and 750,000 square feet of retail space!

CG Tower is set to become the centerpiece of this revolutionary development which has become the standard against which all urban projects are measured.


Living at CG Tower is about the power of access and what this means to your everyday life. From where you work, to who you visit, to where you shop and where you dine, transit no longer limits the choices that define what you do and who you are.


  • Buses, trains and automobiles - the lines of transit have never been more complete and convenient in Vaughan. WALK to the TTC Subway Station and to VIVA Bus and YRT stops and get to where you’re going with- out the worry of how to get there – the starting point of all journeys, work or play.


Few projects are built with a park setting in mind. Edgeley Pond and Park is not an addition to CG Tower, it is the starting point, it is the canvas onto which our tower has been designed. Leisure walks, bike paths, scenic views and sitting areas - welcome to your backyard.


Staying young is about feeling young and this feeling is all about lifestyle. At CG Tower you are embedded in a setting that connects you to the vibrant life you aim to lead - YMCA, arenas, sports complexes, parks, trails, gyms - all are now within your grasp.


You might say that Vaughan is the culinary capital of Ontario. Most nights the question is not where to go, but rather how to choose. Diverse palates are satisfied through an unrivalled network of local and privately-owned restaurants that leave no dish unturned.


Show me a place where all needs and wants can be fulfilled and I will show you a shopping paradise. CG Tower places you at the very core of a shopping revolution that manages to perfectly blend boutique shops and Ontario’s premiere outlet mall. Enjoy!