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A stunning new addition to Vaughan’s skyline. There is no disputing the fact that cities are known by the towers that line their skies and so, in line with this lofty aim, CG Tower has been designed to be the signature structure that sets Vaughan apart from all other cities.

We have made our mark and now the time has come to make yours.


Located on Highway 7, east of Jane Street and just steps from the TTC subway station, CG Tower is the physical expression of the values and spirit of Cortel Group. The tower itself is marked by a distinct podium which stands as a glowing gem nestled beside Edgeley Pond and Park. Architecturally, the entire structure is a statement in beauty and power of design. The all brick-clad finish brings the warmth of a family home to the comforts and enriched lifestyle of high-rise living. As an active urban landmark, this iconic silhouette will stand tall with its unrivaled façade completing Expo City and making it one of the most dynamic communities in North America.


Established in 1986, Quadrangle is among Canada’s most recognized and dynamic full-service architecture and interior design firms. We design the spaces where people live, work and play with insights gained through our process of listening, exploration, nuanced iteration and quality execution. Our projects define neighbourhoods and mark skylines, delivering award-winning projects that achieve design excellence while inspiring revitalization and creating vibrant new communities.

In a collaborative effort with Cortel Group, CG Tower was designed and positioned as an urban living space unlike any other in the City of Vaughan. Similar values and principles made it a seamless execution and the outcome, is an architectural urban design which will integrate into the very fabric of the city.


To create a signature tower it is essential that all contributors align with the passion and vision of the project. In line with this aim, Cortel partnered with DTAH, the award-winning multi-disciplinary design firm to sculpt a setting fit for the landmark that is CG Tower. DTAH, based in Toronto with over 40 years of excellence is committed to design with a conscience and undertake work that is socially inclusive, relevant and that contributes to the betterment of the cities and communities in which they work.

DTAH and Cortel share the aim to deliver projects like CG Tower that enhance the lives of their users, as well as honour their specific environments.


  • Established in the early 1970s and branded in 2009, we are a family-run collective of diverse, dynamic and successful businesses that build commercial and residential communities throughout the province of Ontario. As developers, the home building process begins by carefully selecting the right soil to plant our seed. Not every piece of land is equally suited to sustain a thriving community – we only set our seed today, where we know our roots can grow and flourish tomorrow.

    Our mission is to bring to life complete communities not just a set of houses. Our communities are truly livable neighbourhoods which are highlighted by recreation, green space, shopping, services and accessible transportation we all need. A Cortel community is marked by the care and consideration that we put into each aspect of its development and by the unique group of people that bring each of these features to life. It is the people that transform our single idea into the unified communities of which we are so proud.


Sales Launch

Construction Has Started

Early 2020